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Louise Rémillard

Certified Real Estate Broker AEO
C 514.935.3337
T 514.935.3337 Allard.jpg?1615071972

Roxanne Allard

Real Estate Broker
C 514.754.3270 Arbour.jpg?1615071972

Carmen Arbour

Real Estate Broker
C 514.772.6960 Baer.jpg?1615071972

Tina Baer

Real Estate Broker
C 514.603.9870
T 514.935.3337 Aubé.jpg?1615071972

Marie-Louise Aubé

Real Estate Broker
C 514.717.7653
T 514.935.3337 Beardshill.jpg?1615071972

Ginette Beardsell

Real Estate Broker
C 514.217.4745
T 514.935.3337 Beaumier.jpg?1615071972

Richard Beaumier

Certified Real Estate Broker AEO
C 514.434.5594
T 450.510.5010 siteweb chem bl.jpg?1615071972

Pierre Larin

Chartered Real Estate Broker AEO
C 438.889.3056
T 450.510.5010 Berke.jpg?1615071972

Bunny Berke

Real Estate Broker
C 514.347.1928 Benisty.jpg?1615071972

Martha Benisty

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.661.2469 Blundell.jpg?1615071972

Andrew Blundell

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.772.0008
T 514.935.3337 Boulay.jpg?1615071972

Claude Boulay

Certified Real Estate Broker AEO
C 514.250.5800
T 514.935.3337 Boulay.jpg?1615071972

Danielle Boulay

Real Estate Broker
C 514.915.5025
T 514.935.3337 Calita.jpg?1615071972

Bogdan Calita

Real Estate Broker
C 514.582.8348 Zou.jpg?1615071972

Jasmine Zou

Real Estate Broker
C 514.583.3439 Callarec.jpg?1615071972

Leslie Callarec

Real Estate Broker
C 450.521.2120 Catalfamo.jpg?1615071972

Arthur Catalfamo

Real Estate Broker
C 514.231.8667
T 514.935.3337 Charron.jpg?1615071972

Robert Charron

Real Estate Broker
C 514.234.3602 Chung.jpg?1615071972

Chia Pei Amy Chung

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.971.4085 Dufresne.jpg?1615071972

Lydia Dufresne

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.712.1602
T 514.935.3337 Elkouby.jpg?1615071972

Nathalie Elkouby

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.823.0054 Eltova.jpg?1615071972

Anastasia Eltova

Real Estate Broker
C 514.922.2066 Gagnon.jpg?1615071972

Chantal Gagnon

Real Estate Broker
C 514.804.0271

Michel Thibodeau

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 450.775.4993 Guertin Kennedy.jpg?1615071972

Carole Guertin Kennedy

Real Estate Broker
C 514.949.3230
T 514.935.3337 Guilbeault.jpg?1615071972

Michelle Guilbault

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.607.5657

Rola Hamdan

Real Estate Broker
C 514.935.3337
T 514.824.6467 Alicot_Fond lion_Site web.png?1615071972

Gabrielle Alicot

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.688.5770 Kalecheff.jpg?1615071972

Tania Kalecheff

Chartered Real Estate Broker
C 514.992.6413
T 514.935.3337 Kaleghi.jpg?1615071972

Maryam Khaleghi

Real Estate Broker
C 514.983.5415 Sedigh Kaghazchi.jpg?1615071972

Hamid Sedigh Kaghazchi

Real Estate Broker
C 514.928.5415 Konjikusic.jpg?1615071972

Dejan Konjikusic

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 438.880.4184 Lefebvre.jpg?1615071972

Claudia Lefebvre

Certified Real Estate Broker
C 514.581.1286
T 514.935.3337

Lillian Léonard

Certified Real Estate Broker AEO
C 514.949.5211 Leung.jpg?1615071972

Johanna Leung

Real Estate Broker
C 514.613.1717 Azzi.jpg?1615071972

Georges Azzi

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.802.0020
T 514.613.1717

Luis Fenero

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.573.9787 Malka.jpg?1615071972

Ann Malka

Real Estate Broker
C 514.606.8784
T 514.935.3337 Sequerra.jpeg?1615071972

Jade Sequerra

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.726.8784 Crooks.jpg?1615071972

Tevin Crooks

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.358.2440
T 514.935.3337 Mendell.jpg?1615071972

Lindsey Mendell

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.578.6293 Miller.jpg?1615071972

Christina Miller

Certified Real Estate Broker
C 514.934.2480 Murray.jpg?1615071972

Stephanie Murray

Real Estate Broker
C 514.652.5265
T 514.934.2480 Couret.jpg?1615071972

Marie-Alice Couret

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 438.274.8005
T 514.935.3337 Higgins.jpg?1615071972

Peter Higgins

Real Estate Broker
C 514.813.4261 Lacroix.jpg?1615071972

Julie Lacroix

Real Estate Broker
C 514.704.1109 Martinet.jpg?1615071972

Jonathan Martinet

Real Estate Broker
C 514.804.9788
T 514.934.2480 Couillard.jpg?1615071972

Pascal Couillard

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.882.3266 Mazloum.jpg?1615071972

Nathalie Mazloum

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.632.2296
T 514.934.2480 Nadler.jpg?1615071972

Jeffrey Nadler

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.815.2313 Ransen.jpg?1615071972

Susan Ransen

Real Estate Broker
C 514.815.5105érine Noaman.jpg?1615071972

Chérine Noaman

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.710.2474 Paquette.jpg?1615071972

Jocelin Paquette

Real Estate Broker
C 514.775.9999 Rémillard-site-web-profusion-immobilier.png?1615071972

Marie-Claire Rémillard

Real Estate Broker
C 514.975.5731
T 450.327.6161 Rémillard Fontaine.jpg?1615071972

Carl-Rémillard Fontaine

Real Estate Broker
C 514.726.2077
T 514.935.3337 Lavoie.jpg?1615071972

Sonia Lavoie

Certified Real Estate Broker
C 514.247.9313 Simpson.jpg?1615071972

Laurence Simpson

Real Estate Broker
C 514.795.7065
T 514.935.3337 Baiouly.jpg?1615071972

Yasmine Baioumy

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.781.9525
T 514.935.3337 Sansregret.jpg?1615071972

Louise Sansregret

Real Estate Broker
C 514.561.3636
T 514.935.3337 Verebes Shapiro.jpg?1615071972

Lucy Verebes Shapiro

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.234.8528 Taranowski.jpg?1615071972

Eric Taranowski

Real Estate Broker
C 514.947.7653 Veinish.jpg?1615071972

Earl Veinish

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.772.3322 Yassa.jpg?1615071972

Dina Yassa

Residential Real Estate Broker
C 514.224.5483 Zeng.jpg?1615071972

Zhe Zeng

Real Estate Broker
C 438.832.4893

Our administrative team

Meriam Mellal

Marketing Director

Vincent Paquet

Management Assistant

Joëlle Rivière


Cherine Khouzam

Assistant Director

Advance your career at Profusion

Profusion Immobilier is the premiere international independent luxury real estate agency in Quebec. Building on its success since its inception in 2008, Profusion offers both local and international visibility plus an incomparable dedicated on-site team that is qualified and competent. Renowned for discretion, expertise and professionalism, Profusion Immobilier is a major force and in the luxury real estate market. With its ever-growing market share impeccable credibility, Profusion lends an immediate distinction to all all your transactions.

A wide variety of marketing plans are available to be adapted according to the price range of any residence you represent. Profusion offers bold & effective sales tools to all its Brokers that will exceed customer expectations.Our proven world class marketing strategies are truly exceptional.

At Profusion, we understand that current market trends dictate that an international presence is necessary to remain competitive in our profession and we have access to a vast network, in over 70 countries. Chosen as an exclusive affiliate to Christie's International Real Estate, Profusion relies on a network of luxury real estate specialists around the world. Christie's International Real Estate remains a world authority in marketing and selling prestigious properties by maintaining a balance between the power of its network, its international reputation and the quality of service offered to customers. The unique marketing tools and the values of trust, integrity, discretion and excellence conveyed by the philosophy of James Christie since 1766 ensures its credentials.

Profusion's international network also relies on three other major partners. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World-the grouping of the 500 largest real estate agencies around the world, and the Luxury Real Estate network-first portal of luxury properties throughout the world and on whose Board of Regents the founder of  Profusion sits. Profusion is also present on, the first and most frequented Chinese website featuring international luxury properties.

Profusion is able to offer its Brokers unrivalled  access to a wide range of local regional & national publications. Through exclusive agreements with these partners, Profusion also offers access to advertising opportunities in major newspapers and major international magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Robb Report magazines Home & Style, Unique Homes Unique Homes & China, etc.

A real estate broker at Profusion thrives in the dynamic and forward thinking atmosphere and lives the reality of a dynamic market. The abllity to offer ones client’s unparalleled sales tools and unique marketing strategies increase your chances of success.

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